Thursday, 28 May 2020


Virtual Pain.

It's true that life is easier with our technology,
But here's a glimpse inside my world, how things can often be.
Sometimes I fucking hate my phone, I want to cave it in,
I'd use a hammer, smash and smash, then toss it in the bin.
Although I'd soon regret my actions, that would make it worse,
I'd wish I had a time machine and set it to reverse.
Computers are the ultimate in torturous technique,
I'd love to throw mine at the wall from once to twice a week.
,But then I'd sit there breathing deep surrounded by the bits,
Just wishing that I wasn't prone to violent techno fits.
And now we need a password. One for every bloody site,
You may well even get locked out if characters aren't right.
It used to be, a single word would get you out the dark,
But now we need an upper case and exclamation mark.
It's fair to say that generally, my TV's good as gold,
But then they launch technology that makes my TV old.
Occasionally by accident I'll sit on my remote,
Then spend the day deciphering what tiny swirls denote.
Each button has a purpose but you never use a few,
So how am I supposed to know what fucking buttons do.
Mechanic brains are spreading like a virus in our lives,
The pubs will have I-rinals and we'll sleep with robot wives.
The things they make can do our jobs, and do them twice as well,
There's only one direction and it's down to cyber hell.

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