Thursday, 4 June 2020



I need to find myself a home.
To start I'll need my own full stop.
I want to use my own front door,
By turning round my perfect key.
I'll put my things just where I like,
I'll paint it black if that's my want.

A place for me is all I want.
Don't need to borrow someone's home.
I'll fill it with the things I like,
No one to make me change or stop.
My happiness will have its key.
My opening will have a door.

I'll shut the world behind my door.
I'll plant a tree, and if I want,
I'll find a place to hide a key,
In case I'm locked out of my home.
I'll build a place where time can stop,
And stock the fridge with things I like.

I won't allow what I don't like,
So mushrooms won't get through the door.
I want a place where friends can stop,
I'll make them tea, and if they want,
They can stay over in my home.
A house is home, and that's the key.

I could just give my friends a key,
And they could come round when they like.
I want my guests to feel at home,
As soon as they come through the door.
The simple things are all I want,
So complication needs to stop.

That limbo world can also stop,
I think I have the magic key,
That has the power, should I want,
To fill my world with things I like.
The things that only I adore,
Because it's no one else's home.

I'll have to stop what I dislike,
I'll lose the key to my old door,
As all I want is my new home.

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