About the Monks

Brother Binky  (Poet)

Brother Binky has always been blessed with a gift for verse. He can transform the seemingly mundane in to a thing of wonder. He was found at the foot of a Nupnup tree, wrapped in the scrota of a front foot buffalo. Brother Biscuit-Banjo swears to this day that Brother Binky's first utterances were in iambic pentameter. Not one for grand poems about love and beauty, Brother Binky prefers to find the hidden qualities of the understated and overlooked.

Brother Fingers  Musician)

Brother Fingers finds inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Something of little consequence to most of us, can spark a musical storm within the youngest of the order. In the early 1800's, the villagers of Cumberton decreed that music was a bringer of death, to be feared and extinguished entirely. Anything of musical worth was gathered and burned on a mighty bonfire. In the morning when the crowds had left and the embers had died, Brother Fingers crawled out from the ashes, born in to music, from the death of music.

Brother Driblystick  (Naturalist)

Brother Driblystick is a lover of nature. From the smallest of insects to the countless stars in the sky, he is fascinated by them all. He has a special interest in what he calls, "Secret nature". This includes creatures and forces which you may never have heard of or previously believed not to be true. He was born forth from the world's smallest volcano deep in the heart of the Pacific ocean. His arrival in to this world came with such force, he was fired through the water and in to Earth's outer atmosphere. There he remained for many years, gazing upon natures beauty and living on star dust and sweet comets. Now back on solid ground, he is never without his smoking box. It contains a herbal remedy which evens out the compression caused by his time in space.


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