Monday, 20 April 2020


Here is the second in Brother Binky's "MundanePoetry" series.
We hope you enjoy. It has put Brother Dribblystick off using our shower.
Brother Biscuit-Banjo.

The surprising shower

Once again the shower calls me,
Shampoo loves a hairy party.
Arm pits next, then bits and bobs we,
Always do the same routinely.
Soapy meditation's blissful,
Hairs collect 'til there's a plug full.
Drain unblocker makes the list of,
Shopping I forgot or missed off.
Meditate whilst finding head space,
Wash the sleep away from my face.
One more squeeze of shower gel it's,
Willy time, I've done my arm pits.
Something's really, really wrong here,
Icy fingers grope in cold fear.
Where the hell's my penis gone? It's,
Been replaced by ladies privates.
This is really fucking weird now,
Words come out like shit and fuck how?
Showers should be something minor,
I've ended mine with a vagina.

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