Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Brother Binky's poem about builders

Brother Biscuit-Banjo: - Just a warning that Brother Binky's poem does contain some strong language. The Domino war is taking it'S toll on him. 


A swarming breed, the building clans,
Consume the streets with their white vans.
To block your drive with lengthy trucks,
Whilst shouting loud with shits and fucks.
A constant noise expelled by them,
It starts again at 8 am,
The next day and then on and on,
It's dark outside before they're gone.
A spread of dirt and stones and dust,
It has to finish soon, it must.
It's "Fuck of Dave", and "Steve you twat",
"His knob's so small", "Her arse is fat".
An engine drones, and sometimes two,
A hammer beats a dull tattoo.
Cement is mixed and bricks are laid,
The wiz of drills the thunk of spade.
The evening comes, and with it peace,
A blessed still, a sweet release.
I'll slide in to my bed at ten,
But 8 am, it starts again.

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