Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Brother Binky's new poem

Peppers Can't Be Real

I looked at a pepper so bright and smooth,
They don't look real, but I can't prove,
That they were forged by outside force,
By alien life, or God of course.
There's something there that won't ring true,
I simply can't believe they grew,
Just popped out of the ground one day,
I think they came another way.
They look like plastic painted bright,
There's something there that's not quite right.
The different colours, perfect skin,
It makes me question, scratch my chin.
Perhaps a seed was planted here,
By distant life which waits and peers,
Down on our world whilst peppers spread,
To take the Earth and leave us dead.


  1. Curiously wise Brother Binky

  2. Your kind words warm my heart Master Morgan.
    Thankyou. (Brother Binky).